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Nevaeh’s Song

At the young age of 12, Nevaeh had to undergo a kidney transplant. It’s not once and done – fix. She’ll be back in the next 5 years for another transplant. It was so important to Chick Pea and Cousin Tank of the Potlickers – Mountain Division that they wrote her a very special song. A piece for Nevaeh. An 12 year old that had just undergone a kidney transplant. That kidney came from her mom.

Looking for Dreamers and Doers for our board of directors

We are currently looking to build out our board of directors. We need people that can dream big. We need people that can make things happen. There are children battling critical conditions across the globe. There are musicians everywhere. Let’s work to bring them together, create original music and make some Hope, Strength, Love and Joy happen.

Are you anonymous?

Every once in a while a donation comes in without a name. We know that some people like to prefer to remain anonymous in their charitable giving. We appreciate and respect their gifts and their wishes.

Making Mistakes (BIG!)

This is the first post on the Chase the Music website by a guest blogger. Ardelle Glaeser discovered Chase the Music and was kind and generous enough to write just for us! She was inspired from our conversation – taking into consideration what happens when an artist makes a mistake. We love the human side of our performances, and Allie reveals that the biggest stars don’t only make mistakes – they embrace them. Thanks Ardelle!

Case Statement

Our Case Statement tells our story

We’ve created a new document that helps to explain what, how and why Chase the Music does what we do. Click the document to open it full-screen.

Medley of Advisors program added

Chase the Music has added a program of advisors to the organization. The program “Medley of Advisors” is a group of professionals that have offered to provide their expertise to further Chase the Music efforts. We’re excited to work with these folks and want to best utilize their efforts.

Music in the mountains

The mountains are a beautiful place and everyone should enjoy them. It’s tough for a family with kids that are battling a critical disease to get away, but so important.

This past weekend Chase the Music partnered with Hope Kids and Murphys Resort in Estes Park, Colorado to provide a few days of fun away in the mountains. The families that came all had one thing in common, a child with a terminal diagnosis.