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The board of directors at Chase the Music provides leadership, guidance and governance over our actions. They set policy and direction for the organization. Their efforts ensure that Chase the Music is successful in delivering on it’s promises – to it’s mission, constituents, donors and the public.

Clark Hodge – Founder & Chair

Clark Hodge
Clark Hodge
Clark Hodge conceived the concepts behind Chase the Music in 2011.  He has commissioned and delivered a number of pieces of music for critically ill children.  In the fall of 2014 he realized that this was his true calling.  He has dedicated his life now, to ensuring that Chase the Music impacts as many people as possible. He was educated at the University of Colorado in Computer Science and Sociology.  He likes to joke that he’s still with his ‘first wife’, Tracy.  They’ve been married for 25 years now. They have two sons, Mitchell and Connor.  The entire family have participated and helped with Chase the Music events and know the power it has to offer. For the past 15 years he’s hosted a free music festival – Little Red Rocks.  Originally a single one man reggae band performed.  It’s since grown to 2 stages, 15 acts and 500 people in attendance.  He and his wife do this as a ‘pay it forward’ effort – to support the musicians, bring people out to enjoy each others company and being outdoors in the mountains. Clark is a creative thinker with an eye for the future.  He’s organized, likes to have fun and to bring others into his fun.  Clark has worked as an organizer on two world records (highest on-land cello concert, and most people Etch-A-Sketching), and participated in a third attempt that was unfortunately unsuccessful (most people hop-scotching). He is active in his communities, and sits on a number of boards for non-profit organizations. Clark has been active with kids and has worked to engage children in learning activities including sailing tall-ships, scouting, mountain biking, music etc.  He loves photography, especially close-in face shots that capture the spirit of the person. With a background in bringing innovative high-technology solutions to enterprises as a technology evangelist he is very comfortable in the not for profit world promoting the organizations and efforts he loves. He encourages everyone to Chase the Music, and never stop smiling.

Mike Carroll – Vice Chair

Michael Carroll was raised in Minnesota. He attended Boston College for two years, and graduated with a BA in Journalism from the University of Arizona in 1971. He studied law at Arizona State University where he graduated with honors in 1975. He spent a year as a law clerk for the Arizona Court of Appeals, followed by ten years working as a prosecutor for the City of Phoenix, the Maricopa County Attorney and the Arizona Attorney General. He was appointed to the City of Phoenix Municipal Court bench in 1986 where he served as a judge until his retirement in 2006. He and his wife, Karyn, moved permanently to Lyons, Colorado in June, 2012.

Dan Reed – Secretary & Treasurer

Dan Reed resides in Benecia, CA with his wife and daughter.  Graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  He has assisted with Chase the Music projects since before the official formation.  His priorities are the growth of the organization and internationalization of the efforts.