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The mission of Chase the Music is to have original music composed and performed for children battling critical illnesses.


Our vision is that music with feeling is healing.  We believe that for us to provide music to children that are facing health challenges, we are helping them get better.  Families of these children are in need of support too.  The musical gift helps them with their efforts in the situation.  Friends are touched too.  The musicians are a huge piece of this work.  They are truly invested in the meaning underlying a Chase the Music piece.  It’s more than just notes on a page.  The audience participates and not only enjoys the music, but feels its power, building on its energy.  After the premiere, the music is released ‘into the wild’.  Future listeners and performers are touched by the music and by the story of its creation.  The impact of Chase the Music is truly one where we don’t know the true extent of the impact made. What we do see is that these projects and events are making a difference in many people’s lives.  We are convinced that what we don’t see is like the iceberg analogy.   Under the surface Chase the Music is impacting many many people.


It is our dream that within only a few years, the Chase the Music name will be known and recognized worldwide as an organization doing amazing things for children, families, audiences and musicians.  In our dream, “our” kids will be playing the pieces composed for them, for their grandchildren.


Music with feeling. Music for healing.

Chase the Music creates music to help the children.  We are working towards musical compositions being performed around the globe for the children.  Help us realize that vision.  Be a part of Chase the Music.


Give generously so that we may produce more music, for more children.

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Compose, or perform a piece of original music

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You can give in many ways. We’re always looking for folks willing to volunteer with Chase the Music operations and performances.

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