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Can I donate for a specific child / performance?

Of course,

Give us a call, or note it on the form when you make your donation so that we can apply it properly to the correct child / performance.

What else do you do?

Chase the Music believes in a holistic view of our space and the world. With that in mind, not only do we do the original music for children battling critical illness, but we also do a number of other things:

  • Sponsor, organize and operate a blood drive in partnership with Bonfils. Blood is critical to our children, and others and by giving, we increase awareness, and ensure a supply of this critical substance. One of our favorite songs, that we use when we promote this drive is “Give Blood” by Peter Townshend of the Who.
  • Assist with instrument donations for children in need. We’ve collaborated with Blue Star Connection to help with this.
  • Coordinate dedications of a song or performance to a child/children, when an original composition isn’t possible.
  • Personal visits to the care facilities and homes of our children, as part of a healthy, healing relationship.
  • Encourage employees, board and volunteers to take a ‘big view’ of the world and do more.
  • Collaborative work with school music programs.
  • Scholarship programs, in exchange for composition and production.
Are you GuideStar rated?

Yes! We are Platinum rated by GuideStar!

What is your EIN number?

Our USA EIN number, issued by the IRS is 45-5137624

Why should I give to Chase the Music?

Giving to Chase the Music is a personal decision. We know the work we are doing is amazing. It’s power of healing for the child, it’s engagement of the musicians, it’s force over parents, friends, audience, listeners is phenomenal. It’s a unique, powerful, impactful, long-term and exponentially impactful program. If that’s what you want do be part of, we thank you. It’s what we care about too.

Can I give a song that I’ve written?

Yes, please give us a call so that we can work out the details of the gift.

Can I donate a car or other material goods?

Yes, but call us to coordinate the details. Thanks!

Can I donate stocks or real estate?

Yes, but for complex donations, it’s best to contact us directly to arrange the details of the donation.

Do you have a legacy giving program?

Yes, our Legacy of Children and Music program is structured to accept your legacy gifts.

Can I receive recognition for my gift?

So long as you haven’t requested not to be recognized, we may use your name in our promotional materials. If you have any special requests in the handling of this, please give us a call.

Can I give anonymously?

Yes, just specify that with your donation and we’ll honor your request

Can I add you to my will?

Yes. See our Legacy Giving page for more information.