• General
  • What genres of music are in a Chase the Music production?

    We like to say that the genres for a a Chase the Music gift range from A to Z. That is, from Aboriginal to Zydeco! It's just got to be right for the child! We generally don't think that head-banger is great for infants, but there's no rules against it. Chase the Music isn't about too many rules - what's right the child and the situation is right for us!

  • Where did the name Chase the Music come from?

    Chase the Music came to founder, Clark Hodge, one night as he was waking up. The original piece Chase the Morning Sun, was an interim name, but didn't have direct meaning to others than those involved with the original production. Chase the Music came to him, it wasn't be used by anyone else and shazam! It really is a believe that everyone should lives their lives chasing the music. Chase that which makes us happy, better people.

  • Who did your awesome logos?

    Lora Gilson came up with the original concept, and Chris Raykovich refined it and cleaned it up. Contact us if you'd like to reach out to them for help with your project.

  • What types of performances are there?

    In general, there are two types of  Chase the Music performances.

    First is a full Chase the Music event. The entire event is run by Chase the Music. All of the music is selected for the child, generally along some theme that the child is interested in. For example Disney princess music, or classic rock. These typically conclude with the premiere of the original Chase the Music composition.

    Second is where the Chase the Music original composition is premiered as part of an existing event / concert. The music is the producers choice there, and Chase the Music is only responsible for the one piece.

  • Are there any geographic boundaries?

    No, we are looking to grow Chase the Music across the globe. There are deserving children and musicians with big hearts everywhere. As we get further from home, we'll need extra help from the producers in putting everything together. We're excited to work with you, where ever in the world you're from!

  • Do you go by any other names?

    We do go by Chase, as a short form of the name. And sometimes we abbreviate as CTM. But, other than that - we are proudly Chase the Music!

  • The Children
  • What children qualify?

    Children with critical illnesses, serious injuries, major birth defects, debilitating syndromes and battling extreme crisis situations.

    Children are not limited in age. We simply look to if they have a child-like spirit.

    Geographically, we support children in globally.

  • Can it be for more than one child?

    Of course! We've done a piece for a child with autism, but also dedicated the entire performance to his schoolmates. We've had a brother and sister, both born with spina bifida. We've done over one hundred kids at a local wheelchair camp. And of course, we've done very personal, individualized pieces too.

  • What is the age range for the children?

    From birth to 21(ish).

    There are few, if any, hard rules at Chase the Music. We perform for 'kids' and the definition is... squishy.

    Note we've also performed final rehearsals at senior centers, enabling others to enjoy the music and stories of Chase the Music.

  • How do I nominate a child?

    For the time being, please contact us to nominate a child.  We’re working on on-line submissions for that, but for the time being – we want the personal touch.

  • Who can nominate a child?

    Anyone can, however, we look to our producers, songwriters, composers and musicians. The closer they are to the child, the stronger the music produced is. If a nomination comes from the outside, we work to ensure that those working on the gift, become aware of the child. Meetings, video, stories from others all help them get to know the child.

  • Can a piece be for more than one child?

    Of course! Pieces for more than one child with some similarity. It could be a brother and sister, a group from a special needs school, a camp supporting kids in wheelchairs. Just make sure it’s a piece with meaning for all!

  • Producers
  • Should we charge for admission?

    We don't think so...

    The big thing is that family and friends shouldn't feel the burden of a gift. This is a gift first and foremost!

  • What's an appropriate venue?

    Really anyplace. Indoors our outside. In a home, at a hospital, in an auditorium or theatre. It all works, if it's right the the child!

  • How do I make something extraordinary?

    Chase the Music gifts are by definition extraordinary. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile though, to deliver a truly memorable experience. Something that over time will help the children even more than just sending them a CD. We've done things like bringing the children on-stage (and provided them with batons) to conduct the orchestra. They've been given limo services to be able to attend. We've had poster sized prints of their pictures. Special programs printed. Friends and care-givers have spoken at the event. We've given flowers to moms, grandmas, and special siblings - because they too are a big part of the event. We've put a star on a green room door, with the childs name on it. The room was so they could have a little time to themselves, and the start made it theirs.

    We push hard for these little extras that make a Chase the Music event unique and extraordinary.

  • Where can a performance be?

    Anywhere that works! It’s important that we first look at the child. Is the venue accessible? Then for the musicians, is there enough space for the group? Then for the producer. Does it meet the needs for everyone?!

    Chase the Music performances can be in the home, at a school, in a gym, outdoors, at a camp, in an auditorium, on a commercial stage. There are no limits.  When designing a performance gift our producers, ask themselves "What's the perfect place for this gift?".

  • What should I watch out for with venue selection?

    Since many Chase the Music events have larger than normal numbers of special needs individuals, make sure that your choice of venue can accommodate those requirements. For example, make sure there is plenty of handicap seating AND parking if you're producing an event with lots of wheelchairs. Or make sure there's plenty of space for movement, when producing an event where children can't be expected to be seated for the performance.

  • Composers
  • How to I sign up as a composer?

    To be considered as a composer goto our composers page. There are no assurances that we’ll have a piece immediately, but we promise to keep you updated as soon as an opportunity arises. Feel free to contact us directly too if you have any questions.

  • Who has rights to the music?

    Typically Chase the Music is granted a non-exclusive, eternal license to sell/distribute/share any music created for Chase the Music. The composer maintains copyright to the music. Unless... the piece is done as work for hire, in which case the music copyright belongs to Chase the Music. All things are negotiable. Contact us for information, details and contracts.

  • The Venue
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    The Performers
  • Do I have to be professional musician to perform for Chase the Music?

    Of course not! We have professionals, amateurs… all types. The question to be asked is do you have love in your heart? If yes, then you’re right for a Chase the Music performer.

  • Who has rights to the music?

    Typically Chase the Music is granted a non-exclusive, eternal license to sell/distribute/share any music created for Chase the Music. The composer maintains copyright to the performance. Unless... the piece is done as work for hire, in which case the music copyright belongs to Chase the Music. All things are negotiable. Contact us for information, details and contracts.

  • How do I sign up my performing group to perform for Chase the Music?

    Excellent - we're excited to hear from you! Signup to perform a piece for Chase the Music.

  • Donations
  • Can I sponsor an entire production for a specific child?

    Call us to discuss this. It's a complex process and we'd love to work with you on a project.

  • What is your address?

    Chase the Music
    2071 Rowell Dr
    Lyons, CO 80540

  • Can I give in a currency other than US dollars?

    Yes, our bank and transaction processors are all international in nature. The donation page allows you to donate in your native currency.

  • What's your IRS EIN number?

    Our US IRS EIN (employer information number) is 45-5137624.

  • Can I add you to my will?

    Yes. See our Legacy Giving page for more information.

  • Can I give anonymously?

    Yes, just specify that with your donation and we'll honor your request.

  • Can I receive recognition for my gift?

    So long as you haven't requested not to be recognized, we may use your name in our promotional materials. If you have any special requests in the handling of this, please give us a call.

  • Do you have a legacy giving program?

    Yes, our Legacy of Children and Music program is structured to accept your legacy gifts.

  • Can I donate stocks or real estate?

    Yes, but for complex donations, it's best to contact us directly to arrange the details of the donation.

  • Can I donate a car or other material goods?

    Yes, but call us to coordinate the details. Thanks!

  • Can I give a song that I've written?

    Yes, please give us a call so that we can work out the details of the gift.

  • Why should I give to Chase the Music?

    Giving to Chase the Music is a personal decision. We know the work we are doing is amazing. It's power of healing for the child, it's engagement of the musicians, it's force over parents, friends, audience, listeners is phenomenal. It's a unique, powerful, impactful, long-term and exponentially impactful program. If that's what you want do be part of, we thank you. It's what we care about too.

  • Organizational
  • What is your EIN number?

    Our USA EIN number, issued by the IRS is 45-5137624.

  • Are you GuideStar rated?

    Yes! We are Platinum rated by GuideStar!

  • What else do you do?

    Chase the Music believes in a holistic view of our space and the world. With that in mind, not only do we do the original music for children battling critical illness, but we also do a number of other things:

    • Sponsor, organize and operate a blood drive in partnership with Bonfils. Blood is critical to our children, and others and by giving, we increase awareness, and ensure a supply of this critical substance. One of our favorite songs, that we use when we promote this drive is "Give Blood" by Peter Townshend of the Who.
    • Assist with instrument donations for children in need. We've collaborated with Blue Star Connection to help with this.
    • Coordinate dedications of a song or performance to a child/children, when an original composition isn't possible.
    • Personal visits to the care facilities and homes of our children, as part of a healthy, healing relationship.
    • Encourage employees, board and volunteers to take a 'big view' of the world and do more.
    • Collaborative work with school music programs.
    • Scholarship programs, in exchange for composition and production.
  • Can I donate for a specific child / performance?

    Of course,

    Give us a call, or note it on the form when you make your donation so that we can apply it properly to the correct child / performance.