” Music has healing power.”

–Elton John

Determined, by Molly Taylor

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I love the meaning behind Chase the Music. It’s absolutely brilliant and beautiful.

–Brooke Svitak

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                  Lauren Gale

                  About Lauren Gale, Music Healer: Lauren has been a musician for 25 years, 15 of which have been professional. She left the pop music scene after earning a music business degree and touring for 10 years to pursue a more authentic way to BE her purpose: spreading Love through sound and music. She’s studied sound therapy in Costa Rica, Sedona, studied with masters such as Jonathan Goldman, and has had the opportunity to offer sound therapy all over the US, Costa Rica and Australia. She humbly offers herself as a conduit for sound during her sound baths and is very passionate about sharing all that sound can do for her fellow lovely humans. Her intention for her work is unconditional Love and being connected to Oneness. Lauren performed for Chase the Music at WheelChair Camp of Colorado in June of 2017. She premiered two originals: Together (guitar and vocals) I Know (aboriginal piece with digeridoo!) Listen to Lauren's other music on Soundcloud. Her website is https://www.heartnectarhealing.com/.


                  Jamin’s a great kid. Full of live and love. Humble. Smart. Grateful. Determined. A great sense of humor. Unfortunately, at age 11, the doctors discovered that he had brain tumors. The tumors were impinging on nerves for sight and hearing. His prognosis was unknown. In and out of brain surgeries, going through extensive chemotherapy, Jamin was as sick as you can get. When Fort Collins singer/songwriter Molly Taylor told Jamin that she’d be writing a Chase the Music song for him, he replied – “Don’t write a song for me, write for someone who’s really sick”. Molly took that as inspiration and wrote “Determined” a song not just for Jamin but also from him as a gift to those others… Composer: Molly Taylor Performer: Molly Taylor Premiere Event: Chase the Music into Spring Fort Collins, Colorado, April 2017 Lyrics You might be confused Don’t know what to do If you’re feelin’ scared Look around you There are so many people In so many places Saying prayers for your family Prayers for patience Just look up Eyes straight ahead Take a deep breath in You are determined Oh you are determined You will be strong I know And you will never be alone You are determined Don’t give up the fight Let that fire ignite Use what’s deep within You won’t be shaken You’re not something that’s broken Not defined by the pain Create your own sunshine As you dance in the rain You gotta grow through What you go through When live hurts Let me show you You are determined Oh you are determined Oh, you will be strong I know And you will never be alone You are determined Every day may not be good But there’s good in every day Be thankful for your family Let them help you through the pain You can face the giants Because you you’re not alone God gave you a purpose Yes he knows You are determined Oh you are determined I will be strong for you Because I need this too You are determined Oh you are determined You will be strong I know And you will never be alone You are determined Oh you are determined You will be strong I know And you will never be alone You are determined


                  Love and Courage. A very special concert with three world premieres, composed by three composers for three very special children. Come be part of the audience and express your love for these children and the music. This is a collaboration between Chase the Music and the Northern Colorado Concert Band. We look forward to seeing you there!  

                  Love, Hope, Strength and Joy for children battling critical situations.

                  Original music, composed and performed – just for them!