For children
battling critical conditions

Original music - composed and performed just for them

Chase the Music creates
meaningful connections and
impactful shared experiences

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Christmas Is You!
Christmas Is You!
3 Reels for Meara
3 Reels for Meara

How does it work?

Or... Putting together the puzzle.

A Chase the Music gift is a lot like putting together a puzzle. There are number of pieces necessary for a production. The gift can start with ANY of the pieces. Once started the Chase the Music coordinator brings the remaining pieces together.

The tighter the fit, the better the performance. The music created & performed is just for that child. A relationship is built between the music creators and the child to make the music truly meaningful.

The venue can be anything from the child’s bedside at the hospital, their home, their school, outdoors, an auditorium, wherever is right.

An appropriate audience is built, filling the venue with family, and friends.

Love and magic is added to ensure a truly memorable experience. Simple things like programs, flowers for the mom and grandma, bringing the child on stage with a baton so that they can conduct, pizza with the band etc. A little something to take the performance ‘over the top’.

Chase the Music Puzzle with Photos

Music with feeling

Music for healing

Bringing love, hope, strength and joy to children who need it most, with music written and performed just for them! That’s what we do.

What we have learned is that the shared experience of a Chase the Music gift is so much more than we could have imagined. 

Originally, the gift was just for the child. Very quickly we found out that the parents, musicians, song-writers, friends, audiences and others were all touched deeply by these gifts.

Pay it forward

One thing that continues to amaze us is the stories of the children. They aren’t the fragile, isolated, feeling sorry for themselves. These kids, with whatever horrific thing they are battling, are out there – living life to the fullest. They want their music to help others.

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Love Hope Strength and Joy

Chase the Music gives children battling critical conditions love, hope, strength and joy. 

We do this with original music – composed and performed just for them.

An incredible shared experience for everyone.

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