• The gift of music!

    We create and perform original musical gifts for children battling critical conditions

Why? Why?

Like nothing else -
Music bring these deserving little people
Hope Strength Love Joy

Chase the Music events

Music with feeling

Music for healing

Bringing love, hope, strength and joy to children who need it most, with music written and performed just for them!

The shared experience of a Chase the Music gift is so much more than we could have imagined.>/p>

Parents, musicians, song-writers, friends, audiences and others are all touched deeply by these gifts.

Pay it forward

The stories of the children continue to amaze us. They aren’t fragile, isolated, nor feeling sorry for themselves. These kids, with whatever horrific thing they are battling, are out there – living life to the fullest. They want their music to help others. A Chase the Music gift lives on forever.

Chase the Music pieces

How does it work?

Or... Putting together the puzzle.

A Chase the Music gift is a lot like putting together a puzzle. There are number of pieces necessary for a production. The gift can start with ANY of the pieces. Once started the Chase the Music orchestrator brings the remaining pieces together.

The tighter the fit, the better the performance. The music created & performed is just for that child. We build a relationship between the music creators and the child to make the music truly meaningful.

The venue can be anything from the child’s bedside at the hospital, their home, their school, outdoors, an auditorium, wherever is right.

An appropriate audience is built, filling the venue with family, and friends.

Love and magic is added to ensure a truly memorable experience. Simple things like programs, flowers for the mom and grandma, bringing the child on stage with a baton so that they can conduct, pizza with the band, etc. A little something to take the performance ‘over the top’.

Our WHY!

"To give children battling critical conditions hope, strength, love and joy through the power of music"

Clark Hodge
Founder & Executive Director

Anne and Andrew Chase the Music

Kind word from friends

  • Kati's dad
    Thank you. This was better than our trip to Disney.
  • Christopher "Tofu"

    Music is fueled by emotion, and this is music at its best
  • Lauren

    (Our first recipient)
    I'm never going to stop smiling!
  • Brook Svitak

    I love the meaning behind Chase The Music-- it's absolutely brilliant and beautiful!
  • Thomas 14

    Kidney cancer
    When I was undergoing chemo... music is what kept me going.
  • Randy

    Michael's dad
    (Mitchel was severely brain-damaged after being bullied)
    You don’t know how much this means to Mitchel and all of us.
  • Clint Needham

    I just have to do this for this family. I can't imagine what they're going through.
  • Andrea McNulty

    Audience Member
    It's been years since I attended Lauren's Chase the Music premiere. I still tear up every time I think of it. So beautiful.
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Three Reels for Meara

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Jack Knight – Ataraxia

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