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Music in the mountains

The mountains are a beautiful place and everyone should enjoy them. It’s tough for a family with kids that are battling a critical disease to get away, but so important.

This past weekend Chase the Music partnered with Hope Kids and Murphys Resort in Estes Park, Colorado to provide a few days of fun away in the mountains. The families that came all had one thing in common, a child with a terminal diagnosis.

So of course we had musical performances – just for these special families!
Allie Chipkin

Allie Chipkin
Sing with me!
Billy Shaddox
Billy Shaddox
Mountain Music Man

Chase the Music artists Billy Shaddox and Allie Chipkin performed bringing Hope, Strength, Love and Joy to everyone.

Allies performance was full of future performers. She asked who wanted to sing with her, and of course there were lots of takers. No stage fright amongst this bunch. When you’re battling a life-threatening disease, getting up on stage is the least of your worries. One little guy, (he was only 3 or 4) came up to Allie and asked if he could sing the “ABCs” with her. “Of course”, she replied. The newly formed duo then did an encore of “Twinkle Twinkle”.

Billy had a quieter crowd who loved his laid-back mountain style. They’d had a big day, at the pool, sledding, doing crafts and exploring the mountains. Billy’s poetic originals about life in the mountains sat just right for them. In the mountains, you play hard, and at the end of the day, it’s time to relax. One dad commented to Billy, “You’ve made  a perfect evening for my family, Thank you”.

Music makes life better, no matter who you are. But for those kids and families battling the unfathomable – experiencing music up close and personal can really make an impact. We strive to provide these kids with Hope, Strength, Love and Joy.

You can find Allie at AllieChipkin.com, and Billy at BillyShaddox.com.