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Medley of Advisors program added

Chase the Music has added a program of advisors to the organization. The program “Medley of Advisors” is a group of professionals that have offered to provide their expertise to further Chase the Music efforts. We’re excited to work with these folks and want to best utilize their efforts.

Many non-profits have ‘advisory boards’ but we have found these to be ineffective., These boards combine people of different skills together in a room with a purpose of ‘do good things for the organization’.

The problem comes that it’s not a good use of peoples skills. There is no matching of the work to the people available to help. It’s just a room full of well-meaning people. There may be a marketing person, an accountant, and a lawyer on the advisory board. They are asked to do good things for the org, but they have nothing common to work on.

Chase the Music finds that it’s better to use each of them individually. Ask the marketeer to brainstorm new website ideas. The lawyer could setup legal contracts. The accountant would be best used to format financial reports. At no point is an advisor’s time being wasted on things that don’t relate to them.

Each skill set in the Medley of Advisors is thus utilized to make the most of their contribution. For more information about the program, and to see if there’s a fit for you, click here.