Boulder Cello Project

CTM - Katis Run at Etown-4Boulder Cello Project


Many Trails

Kati’s Run

Awe and Joy

Lyons HS Band

LHSBand4LaurenLyons HS Band

Conductor: Dr. Karen Gregg

Performed Chase the Morning Sun


Centaurus HS Orchestra

Cuttlefish (22 of 29)Centaurus HS Orchestra

Conductor: Leslie Zeigler

Performed: Cuttlefish




Michael Reese & Space Jam

Jimmy LangeMichael Reese & Space Jam

Performed: Xander’s Meander

Cathy Jones

Cathy Jones

Performed: I Am Special

Blue Prairie

Respite-Highlands2015 (16 of 297)Blue Prairie

Nancy Thorwardson – Guitar/Vocals

Zeke Little – Fiddle/Mandolin/Vocals

Jani Little – Guitar/Vocals

Performed “Sweet Saddle Pals”

Interested in performing a Chase the Music piece?

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