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Music in the mountains

The mountains are a beautiful place and everyone should enjoy them. It’s tough for a family with kids that are battling a critical disease to get away, but so important.

This past weekend Chase the Music partnered with Hope Kids and Murphys Resort in Estes Park, Colorado to provide a few days of fun away in the mountains. The families that came all had one thing in common, a child with a terminal diagnosis.

We say good bye to Nancy

Yesterday marked a sad day. We attended the memorial service of Nancy Thorwardson.  Nancy was a beautiful soul, who composed and performed two Chase the Music pieces, for the children of Respite Care during their wilderness adventure camps.

The happy list

When EmmaMarie and I visited RespiteCare last week her goal was to goal was to learn what made the kids there happy. She’s in the process of writing an original piece – “My Happy Song” just for these kids. See more about that visit here.