Allie Chipkin
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Allie Chipkin

“I have always gotten chills from the sounds of consonants and the patterns of poetry.”

This is the inspiration behind the work of Poughkeepsie native, and now Boulder CO singer/writer/performer Allie Chipkin. Allie has been singing since her earliest childhood days, doing Celine Dion and the Little Mermaid on her boombox in the living room. She started voice lessons in 4th grade, moving onto choir, clarinet lessons, jazz singing and musical theater throughout college

After two years at the Boston Conservatory, Allie moved to Spain to study Spanish, immersed herself in bilingual literature, and then returned to study Poetry at Skidmore College. It’s Allie’s love for the rhythm of words, both in English and Spanish, that led to her writing and recording her original songs.

Allie wrote and performed for the Chase the Music at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Holiday Extravaganza with Branson Camp.

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