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Jack has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, one of the worst forms of muscular dystrophy. We want to give Jack the gift of music. An original piece, written and performed just for Jack. Jack needs this, and we hope it will bring him much joy. Chase the Music, a 501c3 non-profit, helps children battling critical conditions, by having original music composed and performed for them, is working to provide a piece for Jack. This gift of music will be written and performed just for him. Jack isn’t one to be satisfied sitting on the sidelines for his gift. He’ll be in one of the performers in it!

About Jack

When Jack was a toddler, doctors diagnosed him with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic disorder characterized by muscle degeneration and weakness that is typically found in young boys. It’s a progressive, incurable, lethal condition. His genetic disorder put him into a wheelchair at the age of 14. That doesn’t seem to have slowed him down though. Jack is a Colorado kid. He loves many outdoor sports and activities and his loving family makes adjustments so that he can participate. Jack is very social. So much so, it was almost impossible to find pictures of just him. Every picture available has smiling friends, family, bandmates surrounding him. He’s an active member of the high-school bands, including the Standley Lake Gator Pride Marching Band!

Garret Hope – composer

  Garrett Hope - ComposerGarrett Hope is the composer that has been selected for Jack’s piece. Garrett was born into a family that valued and practiced music daily. His mother was a primary school music teacher and children’s choir director. As a result, Garrett has been performing on stages of various sizes and in front many different audiences since he was a toddler. Garrett studied piano, clarinet, guitar, and bass as he was growing up. Though he tinkered with sequencing and song writing it wasn’t until he began studying composition at college and mentoring other students that he found his musical passions—composition and teaching. Primarily, Garrett loves writing music that engages students and provides meaningful and life-changing musical experiences—the kind of experiences he encountered as a student. As a guest conductor and clinician, he visits schools and ensembles across the country helping teachers and ensemble directors meet their classroom goals. When Garrett is not composing (he also scores films), he teaches composers about the business end of writing music through his platform and podcast The Portfolio Composer, he tunes pianos, and he continues to teach theory and the history of rock and roll at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. He says, “I cannot do what I do by myself. Sounds crazy, right? But it is absolutely true. I believe music is incredibly powerful and can help change and heal the world. Yet no matter how much I hold that belief to be true the creation and performance of music requires people to fill various roles. Commonly people identify three roles: composer, performer, and audience. There is also a fourth role that is vital to the creation of new music, and that is the role of the patron.” Donate today, and be a patron of this music for Jack. Learn more about Garrett and listen to his music.

Standley Lake High School (SLHS) Band


SLHS Mission Statement

SLHS is a comprehensive high school dedicated to academic excellence, inspiring lifelong learners prepared to engage the world with empathy and pride.

SLHS Vision Statement

The SLHS community collaborates to create a growth mindset by establishing purposeful connections with all students, providing them diverse pathways to be future-ready, in a safe and welcoming environment. This collaboration between Standley Lake HS, Chase the Music and Garrett Hope is a perfect example how they are living up to their driving purpose.   Crissy, the conductor, and Adriana, a great friend.     Director of bands Crissy Duran has put together a music program that brings all members of the band together in a positive and loving manner. Using music as a conduit, her students follow her leadership in developing as great people.   The Chase the Music composition for Jack will be premiered twice! First at the band trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida, and second at the spring concert of the Standley Lake HS band, in Westminster, Colorado. In this way, everyone can be part of the energy of Jacks piece. Contact us if you are interested in attending The Music will be available after the premieres, both recordings, and printed scores. Contact us for details.  

Chase the Music

  Chase the Music, a 501c3 non-profit helps children battling critical conditions, by having original music composed and performed for them.  After a presentation to group of Colorado music honor students, Chase the Music was approached by students of SLHS. Led by Jack’s neighbor and good friend – Adi (Adriana) stated “You have to meet Mrs. Duran. We have to do a piece for our friend Jack!” This small group was so passionate, driven and caring about their schoolmate. I knew we had to do this. This led to an initial meeting of students, teacher, parents and of course Jack at a local coffee-house. To learn more about Chase the Music – click!      

Some details…

  The meeting was interesting as there was no question about “should we do this?”, it was all about how to do it, and getting the ball rolling. They instantly jumped on their phones and reached out to fundraisers, principal, and a composer – all while we were sitting there. Then they messaged the entire band – to get them on board. (Remember – this was the first meeting!) They were also asked for one word each to describe Jack. Within an hour – we had this word cloud encapsulating Jack’s spirit. Funds raised in excess of those required to produce this piece will be passed forward to the next child deserving of a Chase the Music gift. All donations are tax deductible. The Chase the Music IRS EIN# is 45-5137624. If your organization requires a purchase order, please submit to clark@chasethemusic.org.  

Other ways to get involved with Jack’s piece.

Recognition in the score Donors at the Forte level and greater will be recognized in the conductor’s score, which will live with the music forever. (For this benefit, the donation must be received before the composition goes to the publisher.) Downloadable scores The score is a great memory of the piece and can be used by your performing group! They will be available after the premiere by Standley Lake High School. Send a note with your donation if you’d like these. They are available at the following donation levels: $45 and up, you will receive the PDF set of score and parts with the right to perform and print. $90 and up, you will receive on request, the PDF set of score and parts, right to perform and print. In addition, you’ll receive two Skype sessions with the composer – Garrett Hope. Composition Sponsorships Sorry, but the composition sponsorships are CLOSED. A limited number of composition sponsorships are available to other high school bands. For a minimum $500 donation, your band will have the ability to work directly with the composer and influence the piece. Garrett will work with your group in telling the story and helping in rehearsals of the music. Composition sponsors will also be permanently recognized and named in the score as a contributing sponsor.  

Attend one of the premiere events!

Contact us for details and be part of this great gift for Jack! Contact us at clark@chasethemusic.org or 303.859.3321 for more information or with any questions.  

Donate now for Jack’s original composition and performances!

Everyone who donates will receive electronic downloads of the composition’s premiere.  


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