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We want Colton to fly! Sponsorship Opportunities

We want Colton to fly!

How can you help?

Sponsorships opportunities are available for the Chase the Music “Boundary Layer” world premiere. Bob Freeman will fly a stunning choreographed acrobatic flight to Garrett Hopes moving composition written just for Colton.

You can be part of this special event with your sponsorship.

Contact us at:
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to discuss the possibilities!

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Colton is a little guy, from a little town, with flight in his blood. With fight in his heart!

His grandparents manage a small town airport. His father is a commercial 747 pilot, a helicopter pilot and member of the Air National Guard. 

Colton has grown up around flying and needs to fly.

Last October this little 4 year old was diagnosed with brain cancer – Parameningeal Rhabdomyosarcoma, (aka RMS). He was quickly put into an aggressive treatment program.  The family moved from home, to be close to the Children’s Hospital where he’s receiving treatment. His brother Ty, had to change schools, make new friends, but is forever supportive. By Christmas he had lost all of his hair, but none of his spirit!  Colton says “Courageous people never give up and nothing is going to steal my joy.”

We want to give Colton a gift, for his fight, for his flight.

Colton at the controls.
Nuthin’ but smiles on his 5th birthday

Chase the Music to the Sky

For Colton

We’re taking to the sky for Colton. At the Seward, Nebraska July 4th Air Show, world renowned pilot Bob Freeman, will be flying an incredible aerobatic flight tribute to Colton. Composer Garrett Hope has composed a piece just for this world event, just for Colton. “Boundary Layer” will be heard for the first time by the estimated 40,000 attendees! The flight, choreographed to the song will signify the challenges, joy and hope that this incredible little boy – Colton, has.

Everyone will cheer for Colton, and his fight against cancer.

Fly to the sky Colton!

You can learn more about Chase the Music here.


Bob Freeman, aerobatic pilot

Bob Freeman is an extreme aerobatic pilot with a heart of gold. He has moved up through the ranks of competition and as a previous member of the US Unlimited Aerobatic Team he has competed across the globe. When he heard of Chase the Music, he wanted to do something, but it had to be something close to his heart – flying. 

Bob knew of a little boy – Colton. He knew right away, that he had to perform something really special for him.

Bob, says “As a cancer survivor, I think back to my own journey and the uncertainty and doubt about the long term outcome”. He says of Hope’s composition for Colton: “Boundary Layer makes me think of this boundless, unbounded path”.

You can see more about Bob at his website.

Here’s a little video teaser of Bob up in the air!

Bob Freeman

Garrett Hope, composer

Dr. Garrett Hope’s purpose is to use his God-given creativity and communication skills to entertain and enlighten, draw people together for a common cause, and to coach composers and creatives to become unstoppable.

An award-winning composer of film and concert music, Garrett engages with performers and audiences to tell stories and create life-changing experiences. 

He’s composed “Boundary Layer” just for Colton.

  Garrett Hope - Composer

Garrett explains Boundary Layer: “A boundary between two layers that don’t mix (think oil sitting on top of water). In aerodynamics it refers to the buildup of air pressure on the wing and body of the plane. It’s a big part of calculating drag and controlling turbulence.

I chose the title because of its blatant aeronautical importance and because of its reference to unmixed layers. In particular, I was thinking of Colton’s journey He will be crossing through the boundary layer. And he’ll be doing it by flying, of course. He soars.”

Read more about Garrett, and listen to more of his work here.

Until the release of Boundary Layer – please enjoy ‘Ataraxia’, another Chase the Music piece composed by Garrett composed for Jack, a boy with Duchenne’s Syndrome.

Seward, Nebraska

Seward, Nebraska, a little town of just a few thousand people thinks big, when it comes to celebration. Their little town swells to 10 times it’s normal size for its annual Fourth of July celebration. The festivities include an air show where roughly 40,000 people will share in the experience of the world premiere of the music and flight – “Boundary Layer”, for Colton. 

For more information about the event, click here.

How can you help?

Donate – to help Colton fly! Be a co-commisioner of “Boundary Layer” Media Information