We want Colton to fly!

Colton is a little guy, from a little town, with flight in his blood. With fight in his heart!

His grandparents manage a small town airport. His father is a commercial 747 pilot, a helicopter pilot and member of the Air National Guard. 

Colton has grown up around flying and needs to fly.

Last October this little 4 year old was diagnosed with brain cancer – Parameningeal Rhabdomyosarcoma, (aka RMS). He was quickly put into an aggressive treatment program.  The family moved from home, to be close to the Children’s Hospital where he’s receiving treatment. His brother Ty, had to change schools, make new friends, but is forever supportive. By Christmas he had lost all of his hair, but none of his spirit!  Colton says “Courageous people never give up and nothing is going to steal my joy.”

We want to give Colton a gift, for his fight, for his flight.

Colton at the controls.
Nuthin' but smiles on his 5th birthday

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