Blue Prairie

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]An old timey, vintage country band from Lyons Colorado. Blue Prairie shares a deep love for western music. These players take us back to simpler times when travel was on horseback, and folks settled down to the howls of coyotes around the campfire at night.
Share the evening with Blue Prairie and you will hear melodies that make you long for the open prairie and want to “git up and dance.”
If you like the music of Gene Autry, Patsy Montana, Bob Wills, and Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, you’ll love Blue Prairie!


Nancy Thorwardson – Guitar and Vocals

Zeke Little – Fiddle and Vocals

Janie Little – Guitar and Vocals

Dave Ball – Bass

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Nancy Thorwardson

Guitar and Vocals

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Zeke Little

Fiddle and Vocals

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Janie Little

Guitar and Vocals

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Dave Ball



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