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You can get involved with Chase the Music! We’re always interested in composers producers performers venues volunteers Working together, we can bring to fruition amazing gifts. These gifts change the lives of children.    

Anne Bryson

Anne Bryson is a vocalist and ukulele performer. She lives in Estes Park, Colorado, where she is a senior in high school. She’s passionate about her music, and has a truly caring heart. We’re proud to have her performing with us at the Colorado Wheel Chair Camp – 2016.


I first met Lauren when she was only 3. About 6 months later, I learned that she had been diagnosed with leukemia. That ripped my heart out.  This sweet, smart little girl didn’t deserve this. She spent the next 2 years in hospitals, undergoing treatment including chemotherapy.  She has two wonderful parents, one of whom …

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Sherwood Stockwell

Sherwood approached Chase the Music and offered his services as a web developer. He feels strongly about the power of the Chase the Music mission and the ability of music to build a strong community supporting the children both directly and indirectly. In addition he has assisted with program production, and photography.


Benjamin was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. He was non-verbal. He’s now graduated from Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado, and under the strong tutelage of his parents he is a strong, vibrant outgoing individual.  He is a TEDx speaker (Breaking barriers of autism: the power of kindness and friendship). As an accomplished singer, …

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Malva Freymuth Tarasewicz

Malva Freymuth-Tarasewicz, DMA is a professional musician, teacher, writer and horsewoman. She has been Benjamin’s primary therapist and coach. Malva’s composition, Hope – A Meditation on Autism, was inspired by experiences parenting Benjamin and shepherding him from a severely autistic, non-verbal, and socially isolated toddler to the “Being with Wings” that Benjamin is today. Malva …

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Junior Molina

A student at Colorado State University in the Music program, Junior Molina is an ambitious, creative loving man. He is working across the state in school music programs and is particularly interested in ensuring that underprivelged youth are given the opportunities in music that they deserve. He’s working to socialize the mission of Chase the …

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